Passion of taste

We cook using top quality local products. We have our own garden and orchard. We are able to adapt to any dietary requirements. Our dishes are healthy, tasty, beautifully presented, and our guests can eat inside the restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the lake. Everything tastes better here.

Local specialties

We are strongly and inseparably connected with the region. We support local suppliers and maintain culinary traditions. We know the quality of our products because we often use our fruit and vegetables, preserves from our orchard or home-made butter.

We will adjust to your dietary needs

Don’t worry if you have any unusual requirements. Are you a vegetarian? Are you vegan? Or maybe you have some food intolerances?

Our experienced chefs will surely offer you a valuable and delicious meal, taking into account all your needs.

Healthy cuisine

Mens sana in corpore sana! At Kolesin Manor, we care about health at every level. We are committed to proactive activities, and without a wholesome meal this is not possible. We focus on a holistic, health-promoting attitude and this principle also works in the kitchen. We order top quality products and we set the menu with care.

Cooking workshops

We organize cooking workshops with regional food to present to our guests the secrets of regional dishes. We also show how we operate at the Manor by organizing bread baking or zero waste cooking workshops, because we live close to nature. We practice an eco attitude and it is important to us.

Health academy

We prepare everything at Kolesin Manor ourselves. A walk in our park is a walk on a path through nature. You will come across herbs and plants that you will later see in a vase, in a dish or in a drink. We all live on one planet, we are intertwined with each other forever and ever. And we respect this natural cycle.

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