Kolesin Manor
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Stay in a magical place at any time of the year.
You can relax and be active in comfortable conditions, surrounded by nature, in the heart of the park, on the shores of the lake. It is a place with soul – intimate, friendly, with an unique atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

Kolesin Manor Hotel and Spa is an extraordinary place

Here history intertwines with everyday life. We restored the manor house from 1586 and gave it its own, free-and-easy atmosphere so that every one of our guests can feel comfortable and at home here. At the same time, we care about the high standard and every detail of the Manor, because we live in this place and for this place.

We provide rest and relaxation, starting from our comfortable rooms, through our restaurant with regional cuisine, to quality entertainment in the form of, among others, outdoor activities.

To enhance the sense of relaxation we have created a unique eco spa by the lake especially for our guests. There is a zone with an outdoor jacuzzi, two saunas and a hot tub at your disposal.

Hotel and Spa in Lubusz and Greater Poland regions

Our hotel and spa on the border of the Lubusz and Greater Poland regions offers exceptional moments and comprehensive relaxation. We have prepared it for those who need a break, although those who are looking for new experiences will also feel satisfied. Our eco spa awaits our guests – a relaxation zone surrounded by nature. Our hotel and spa is equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi, two saunas and a hot tub. After warming up, you can jump into the stream, a barrel with flowing spring water or simply into the lake to cool down. Hotel and spa enthusiasts can expect an extraordinary experience.

We make every effort to ensure that your free time spent in the surroundings of nature, in a place with soul, has a positive impact on your well-being. We are convinced that the energy provided by this magical place will stay with you long after you return home.

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Close to nature

Kolesin Manor is set on the shores of Lake Wojnowskie. Our guests have at their disposal an exclusive pier, a marina, a park with 200-year-old trees, and an educational path for children.

If you have not yet discovered the charms of Lubusz nature or the momentum of Greater Poland, it is worth visiting. At Kolesin Manor and our hotel and spa, you will feel an exceptional energy and have a chance to experience nature during walks, baths or jogging.

There are also springs in the park, and the surrounding forests are rich in mushrooms and berries. Throughout the year, we offer our guests outdoor activities in close proximity to extraordinary nature.

Four seasons

We hope to make our guests feel comfortable with us all year round. The location of Kolesin Manor allows for constant contact with nature. We offer various types of outdoor activities – there is always something to do here. We have a park at our guests‘ disposal, where you can go for a walk. We do not interfere too much into its appearance because we value natural solutions, and our old trees managed well before we even arrived at this historic manor. We respect the power of nature and we set paths where nature allows it.

  • SPRING – bikes, walks, natural reflexology, wellness, ECO SPA.
  • SUMMER – it is definitely lake time: pedal boats, kayaks, SUPs, our ECO SPA, outdoor gym.
  • FALL – outdoor and indoor gym, mushrooms, walks, bikes – we offer bike rental, including electric bikes (we have child seats at your disposal).
  • WINTER – ice swimming, cross-country skiing, sauna, jogging, ECO SPA.

Rest at Lake Wojnowskie

Our guests have at their disposal 700 meters of the shoreline of Lake Wojnowskie, with a pier and an exclusive marina. You can do water sports (we have kayaks, pedal boats, SUPs). You can go fishing, you can listen to frogs and birds, observe nature: water lilies, yellow water lilies, bitterns, as well as grey herons, which have a special meaning for us. It is in the logo of Kolesin Manor, as a continuation of the coat of arms of the Reygers family – the previous owners of the manor.

Lake Wojnowskie is located in the Łagowskie Lake District in the Obrzyca basin, in the Lubusz Voivodeship, south-west of Babimost. The proximity to the airport is a great advantage when it comes to the location of our hotel and spa. It is located only 2.5 km from the Manor. Thanks to this, you will be able to fully use your valuable time for relaxation. The route from our hotel and spa to the parking lot at the airport in Babimost takes only 4 minutes.

Karczma Taberska - wielkopolska, lubuskie

Taberska Inn

It all started here. It is a kind of “mother“ of Kolesin Manor, because the Manor is run by the children of the owners of the Inn. In the Inn, you will learn about the culture of the region, not only in terms of cuisine. There are bread baking workshops, regional evenings presenting local music and traditions. A bicycle path leads to the Inn from the Manor, which will take you to a homely and rural atmosphere in 10 minutes. You can rent bikes on site. You can also take a 15-minute walk. There are animals living by the inn: horses, goats, sheep, Vietnamese pigs. Aunt Jola’s Academy also provides unforgettable experiences for children - check it out! There is also a hotel and spa that satisfies even the most demanding guests. Exceptional nature surroundings please the eye at any time of the year, and a stay in our relaxation zone provides rest for the body and soul. It is worth remembering that even a short stay at Kolesin Manor will allow you to recharge your batteries. Thanks to the proximity of the airport in Babimost, you can come here for a weekend.

Spichlerz Active - Dwór Kolesin

Active Granary

The first of the manor buildings to be renovated. It is the centre of activity at our farm. It has a loft style, with respect for historic interiors, it perfectly reflects the court spirit of activity, taking initiative, a healthy lifestyle and being. We have an indoor and outdoor cross fit-style gym, a room with mirrors for gymnastics, fitness, yoga, dance or all kinds of workshops. We invite you to camps or workshops. We also provide regular exercises during the week with professional instructors. We like being healthy and active, we like living in motion, we like Kolesin Manor. You do not have to obsessively search the Internet for a hotel in the Lubusz region or in Greater Poland. A proven place is waiting for you.

EKO SPA - Relaks Odpoczynek - lubuskie, wielkopolskie

Eko Spa

What distinguishes us is definitely our Eco Spa surrounded by nature. It is a quiet relaxation zone, with an outdoor jacuzzi, two saunas and a hot tub, after which you can cool down in several ways: get into a stream, into a barrel with natural flowing spring water, into the lake, or go for a walk in our park. In winter, you can simply lie down in the snow. It is the only such spa in the region where you also immerse yourself in yourself.


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Picturesque location by the lake, a terrace immersed in greenery with the view of the water (we had all our meals there 🥰), close to the beach. Calm rooms, super friendly staff! We’ll be back for sure!
Cecylia Czartoryska
A beautiful place by Lake Wojnowskie, nice rustical rooms with comfortable beds, multiple attractions, bikes, canoes and a small SPA, minor organizational issues caused by the wedding season, no possibility to use hotel restaurant during private receptions (no notification about this fact), very friendly and helpful receptionist ready to search for solutions. Greetings!
Agata Chraplak
A hit-or-miss, but definitely hit :). First of all, very friendly and competent staff. Congratulations👏. A clean and stylish room. A tiny minus – not enough sockets and hidden and not enough hangers in the bathroom. Apart from this, we’re really satisfied. Delicious food, plenty of options to try “courtly” cuisine, in the restaurant, at terraces. Plus, the proximity of a charming lake, the scent of water, blooming lilies, sounds of birds, splashing fish and clean air. Big parking lot right next to the Hotel. It’s an amazing place if you want to relax in calm and enjoy the beauty of nature. Highly recommend. Thank you very much for your hospitality.
Róża Rząca-Malska
Beautiful area. I found the hotel by accident on Friday and spent nearly all Saturday there. It was great, calm, plenty of attractions for children and adults. The lake, pedal boats, canoes, sauna, barbecue, playground, park with educational path. We didn’t have enough time to check all the attractions. Good accommodation, clean rooms, good food, meals on the terrace with lake view. Average prices. My stay wasn’t in a busy period, and maybe this was its greater advantage – peace and quiet.
Maniek Złota Rączka


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