Attractions for everyone

We are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves at Kolesin Manor. We guarantee high-quality entertainment for those who prefer to relax in static silence and for those who like to rest actively. Rent a bike and hit the road!

Lake Wojnowskie

Kolesin Manor is located directly by the lake. We have 700 meters of coastline for you to explore. We offer a pier with a marina, you can rent pedal boats, kayaks, SUPs. We also have a traditional boat with oars and a sailboat.  
There is a path from the park to the public beach, and for fishing enthusiasts we offer fishing equipment rental and the possibility of buying a fishing license.

Jezioro Wojnowskie - lubuskie, wielkopolska - Dwór Kolesin
Wycieczki do winnicy z degustacją

Excursions to the vineyard with tasting

The Lubusz Voivodeship is famous for wine production, therefore Kolesin Manor offers a trip to the vineyard with tasting. Extremely picturesque landscapes among the surrounding vineyards make us move to other regions and feel different smells and tastes. We recommend you try it. Detailed information is available at the reception desk.

Attractions for children

The ideal rest is when children are provided with attractions. Then adults can relax completely. We made sure that this is so. We will take care of your children, while you rest.

Akademia Cioci Joli - atrakcje dla dzieci

Aunt Jola’s Academy

In nearby Taberska Inn, Aunt Jola, its founder, conducts very active workshops for children. You can learn how bread is made, you can enrol your child in culinary workshops, you can draw with Aunt Jola, play, sing, dance or learn about the culture of the region.

Zagroda ze zwierzętami - atrakcje dla dzieci

A farm with animals

At Taberska Inn, a 10-minute walk from Kolesin Manor, there is a farm where our animals, horses, goats and sheep live, and dogs lie in the sun. You can pat a pony, give carrots to our goat, you can see a little lamb drinking milk from a bottle. You can be close to the animals and admire them.

Warsztaty dla dzieci - Dwór Kolesin

Workshops for children

If there are enough curious faces, we organize workshops of singing, dancing, cooking, making preserves, yoga for children, we make educational walks along the paths, competitions, games and activities. At Kolesin Manor, we can do anything.

Zajęcia sportowe dla dzieci - Hotel nad jeziorem

Sports classes

Professional instructors will conduct gymnastic, sports, contemporary dance or hip-hop classes. They will organize fitness or yoga for children. For adults, too. All you have to do is want it. And we always want it!

Sala zabaw - Hotel nad jeziorem


We are not afraid of bad weather. When it is raining outside, we provide children with an unforgettable experience in the playroom. There is a playroom both in Kolesin Manor and in nearby Taberska Inn. 7 minutes by bike. 15 by foot. Are you walking or are you riding?

Plac zabaw - Hotel nad jeziorem


The newly built playground awaits you. Approved devices, safe sandy ground, attractions that will be appreciated by children. Parents will also be satisfied. You can sit on a sun lounger on the grass, drinking coffee and watching your children spend time actively outdoors.

For the active

We want Kolesin Manor to be a place open to people who like to spend their time actively. We prefer this lifestyle ourselves – we enjoy getting physically exhausted to a healthy extent, eating healthy and resting healthy. That is why we offer a number of possibilities so that everyone feels satisfied with us. Walking, running, biking, swimming, triathlon training, gym, fitness, yoga, and after all recovery. It sounds great, and it is so.

Fitness classes

We have a professional, intimate room with mirrors, where we conduct regular fitness groups with an instructor. You can also rent this place for separate workshops, not only fitness, but also pilates, dance or individual classes.


If you are interested in yoga, come to Kolesin Manor. You can organize workshops for yoga schools, we provide the necessary aids, we have favourable conditions to stay in harmony with each other and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

City and electric bikes

We offer rental of universal city and electric bikes, which can be used both on paved surfaces and on more uneven terrain. There are bicycle seats available for children, too.

Cycling routes

Several marked bicycle paths await our guests in the area. You can go for a longer and shorter ride, it depends on your preferences. Maps with available routes are waiting for you at the reception desk of the Manor.


Forest, park, quiet, idyllic surroundings, steeper or more flattened areas - all this makes trekking in the beautiful Lubusz region the basic and most natural form of activity. We invite enthusiasts of gentle walks, trekking and Nordic Walking. Everyone will feel great at Kolesin Manor.


There is also kayak rental waiting for our guests. Direct access to Lake Wojnowskie, our own marina, private pier, life jackets, amazingly picturesque surroundings, water plants and birds, all of this is waiting for you.

Pedal boats

You don’t have to worry about anything with us. We thought about everything. If you fancy a pedal boat ride, we also offer this option. From our pier, from our park, straight to our lake.

Ice swimming

The proximity of Lake Wojnowskie also favours ice swimming. Amateurs of this activity are cordially invited here, you will not be alone. For two seasons now, the informal walrus club of Kolesin Manor has been operating and functioning well.

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