ECO SPA by the lake - Rest in a unique place

We invite you to the only natural ECO SPA in the region. Check what makes this place naturally special.

Exclusive relaxation

This natural recovery zone can be at your disposal. You can have it exclusively. You can hide in silence, immerse yourself in nature and regenerate fully.

We recommend such rest to athletes as an element of regeneration after or during training. Freely, focused, pursuing your goal.

SPA lubuskie

Natural Eco Spa

Our natural ECO SPA is located in the heart of the old park, on the shores of the lake, among the springs.

It is a zone of chillout, relaxation, rest and regeneration. We invite you to the jacuzzi and sauna overlooking the lake, or to the outdoor hot tub. After your treatment, you can immerse yourself in a refreshing spring of crystal water, you can take a dip in the lake, or you can go for a walk in our private park. In winter, you can lie down in the snow, especially since our hotel guests have a sauna included in the price of their stay.

Use the power of nature

You can order treatments as a guest of Kolesin Manor, and you can also order a regenerating package without staying at the hotel. It all depends on you. We are open.

Spa treatments

Is your head asking for rest? The body refuses to obey? Maybe it‘s worth listening to it and putting yourself in the hands of professionals?

Come and enjoy treatments in our Spa. Take care of yourself, recuperate, and then move on. We know you will come back. We will take care of you as best we can.

Health path

We invite you for a walk in the manor park, among the old trees. Where the natural path led, where nature allowed, we built a path ourselves that takes visitors into the wilderness. Unregulated shrubs, trees, grasses, many herbs that we teach you to recognize on our educational path, natural vegetation for our region, all these make our guests feel like they are in a magical garden.

EKO SPA lubuskie - Refleksologia stóp

Foot reflexology

We have prepared a unique experience for your feet. If you have not yet learned the power of reflexology, i.e. foot massage, this place is just for you.

We invite you for an unforgettable walk in the stream, where we have personally arranged stones of various structures and sizes, so that you experience direct contact with nature. This spontaneous massage will also give you deep contact with yourself. It is something amazing. Give it a try.

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